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Best Flat Irons for Healthy-Looking Hair

What are the Best Flat Irons for Healthy-Looking Hair

The best flat irons are one of the most important tools a woman can have in her beauty kit. I won’t bore you for too long with all the ins and outs of flat iron science, engineering and design but it is helpful to know just a tiny bit about how great hair straighteners work their magic.

The right and best flat iron will not only make your hair smooth and straight, it can be used to accentuate or alter the shape of existing curls. It can even be used to help pull your hair into all kinds of cool hair styles. These flat irons destroy frizz without damaging your strands.

Unfortunately the wrong flat iron can ruin your hair, drying it out and causing split ends or brittle hair. Every hair type reacts differently to heat. Thick, coarse hair needs an extremely hot temperature that will fry lighter, finer hair. Conversely, finer hair requires a lower temperature and lighter touch to make sure you don’t accidentally break off the ends.

Not sure what kind of flat iron you need?

Check out these popular options:

Ceramic Flat Irons

Many women will tell you that nothing but ceramic hair straightener will do. Ceramic hot plates take longer to heat up than titanium or tourmaline but tend to retain heat longer. These flat irons typically use ionic technology to flatten frizz without totally flattening hair. The ionic technology also provides some extra shine.

While some women with extremely coarse hair swear by their ceramic flat irons these are usually more useful to women who have straight or wavy hair rather than intense curls. They’re also particularly good for women with fine hair. Ceramic material helps in even heat distribution on the plates and does not form heat spots which are the main reasons for hair damage. Also these days there are other types of flat iron plates which have combination of titanium and ceramic which produces large number of negative ions. These negative ions irons provide you smooth silky straight hair. This is the reason ceramic material is also used also in best hair dryers. Read more about Best Ceramic Flat Iron.
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Tourmaline Flat Irons

Tourmaline hot plates use a coating of prismatic crystals which have been crushed into an extremely fine powder and spread evenly across the hot plates. This coating is much smoother than the regular ceramic coating and is therefore less likely to snag on your hair. Because of this a tourmaline flat iron is ideal for anyone with tight curls, especially if they also have fine hair.

Unfortunately using tourmaline can get expensive so many flat irons use only a thin top layer of tourmaline and are actually mostly ceramic.
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Titanium Flat Irons

Women with thick, long hair adore best titanium flat irons because the titanium hot plates heat up more quickly and are able to hold even higher levels of heat than ceramics. Titanium is also an incredibly durable metal, making one of these best flat irons a long term hair care investment.

It’s important to note that many cheap flat irons are only sold at such low prices because they actually only use thin titanium covers and have a cheaper metal underneath. Hot plates made entirely out of cheaper metal are also not uncommon in cheap flat irons. Be willing to spend at least $60 to make sure you get smart flat iron with actual titanium plates. The best flat irons that use ceramic and tourmaline technology provide an ultra-smooth glide with high resistance to product build-up.
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Some of the features to look for before buying your best flat irons: Top quality plates, plates size, variable temperature settings that maintain consistent temperatures, longer warranties, negative ion generation, infrared technology, professional swivel cords with hang up hooks, and dual voltage. So, are the tourmaline hair straighteners are the best flat irons?

Also you will need to protect your hair from all hot styling tools with professional salon quality shampoo, conditioner and serum as:

It’s not just your hair you should be caring for, either! Your flat irons and hair styling tools are about to become your best friend, and in order to keep them working at their best, you need to take the best possible care of them! You can buy heat mat and also flat iron holder to protect your expansive professional hair straightener.

If you are still not sure what top flat iron is right for you please check some of these at our marketplace site BeautyCertain.com and find out what people with your specific hair type have to say about each styling tool.

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