Shampoo, Conditioner, Serum and Protectant Guide.

There is no sector of the hair care industry that suffers from more disinformation and highly dubious marketing techniques than hair products. Each marketing department tries to outdo the next in an effort to get the public to believe one outrageous and unprovable claim after another. In truth, your best results are going to be when you stick with shampoos from trusted sources that use the following super ingredients listed below. Your hair will thank you that you didn’t succumb to that mysterious ad touting the glorious effects of giraffe embryo serum or an unpronounceable herb extract. They are just discovered for the first time in history, which remarkably also happens to be a super-food for your hair.

These super ingredients have been time-tested and proven to work from the professional hair care. Just because you can pronounce the names, don’t think there is something more exotic out there that will magically give you better results.

They are considered the best by hair professionals for a reason – because they flat-out work. Rest assured that when something new comes down the line that deserves to join the illustrious pantheon below, we will let you know about it.

Hair Care Buying Guide

While there are of course other ingredients which are great for your hair, they play supporting roles alongside the superstars below:

Royale Oxygen/Keratin Repair w/ Vitamin E Hair Serum is a hair stylist’s dream! This fantastic product instantly eliminates frizz and wiry, unmanageable hair by instantly controlling, smoothing and shining. The serum will repair any damages caused to your hair from styling tools, heat, and humidity. You only need a tiny amount to transform and protect your hair. Royale’s hair serum also repels moisture and prevents frizz during humid weather. Hair Serum can be applied to damp hair before styling, or sparingly on newly styled hair. Specially formulated to hold thick and frizzy hair in place.
Argan and Olive Oils – Argan Oil is the king and burst on the scene a few years ago. Unlike 99% of new ingredients, it actually walks the talk. Compared to everything else out there, it is as close to a wonder oil as exists. Scrupulously tested for years now, genuine organic argan oil is both a moisturizer and a protectant for hair, proven to make it softer, silkier, and shinier. It is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients, including fatty acids and Vitamin E, and is non-greasy, non-irritating, and superb for all kinds of hair. It can even treat split ends and tame frizzy hair.
Bonus Factor: argan oil is just as amazing for your skin.

Olive Oil makes hair healthier, stronger, and shinier. It has a super moisturizing effect on hair and is great at treating split ends. Olive oil is rich in Vitamins A, E, and anti-oxidants, helping protecting the keratin in your hair. Also, It can actually remove the buildup of sebum that impedes the formation of new hair follicles and hinders hair growth.

Tea Tee Extract – Another absolutely amazing product, tea tree oil (also called melaleuca) promotes hair growth, soothes itchy scalp, and prevents many hair problems such as dandruff, psoriasis, and even head lice. Also extensively tested, tea tree oil has been shown to stimulate blood flow and reduce inflammation in the follicular cells that, in turn, enhance hair growth and reduce both oiliness and dryness.

Keratin – Keratin is a natural hair protein. While many women are familiar with Keratin treatments, Keratin oil as an ingredient in hair care products provides definite benefits. Keratin oil can repair dry hair, as well as strands that are brittle and chemically treated. It treats your hair from the inside out, making the hair stronger and richer as its protein bonds work their magic to fight against breakage. One more benefit: keratin can tame frizz and contributes to making hair shiny, soft, and straight.

Vitamin E – It’s not a coincidence that one of the reason that Argan Oil is so good for your hair is because it is high in Vitamin E. The “wonder vitamin” helps your hair in so many ways, among them: stimulant for growth of hair capillaries, helps inhibit pre-mature greying, makes hair lustrous, shinier, and stronger, and helps with split ends.

There are two major components of hair care. Cleaning and Conditioning.
Also, you need a good hair spray that is effective, but also healthy for your hair.

Shampoo – Cleaning

Conditioner – Daily Conditioning

Serums and Protectants – Special Conditioning

Hair Spray – Functionality