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Prevent Split Ends When Using Flat Iron on Your Hair

How to Prevent Split Ends When Flat-Ironing Your Hair

There are different types of hair split ends as Basic Split, Mini Split, Fork in the road, The tree, The knot and the last one is The candle.
Flat irons are an essential beauty tool for a smooth, straight style, but over time, they can damage your hair and cause split ends. Hair has strength, but when the center, or cuticle, of a hair is damaged from direct heat, the hair tip splits, causing frizziness. You cannot avoid some heat damage as the sun damage, but you can limit the damaged hair by preparing the hair for styling and making a few changes to your beauty hair care routine.

How to fix split ends

Heat denatures the Keratin is the proteins of the hair shaft weakening it and making it prone to split ends. Heat treatments are a major cause of damage and split ends. Squirt a drop of heat-protecting styling oil in your hand. Rub the product into your hands, then work it into the hair, starting at the tips. Do not apply the oil to the scalp. If you prefer, moisturize your hair ends with a conditioning spray.
Comb the product through your hair using a boar-bristle hairbrush. Avoid using a brush with metal-tipped prongs.

Split end treatment

Set the heat on the flat iron to the appropriate heat selection. For fine hair, keep the temperature below 300 degrees F. Use a setting of between 300 and 380 degrees for normal hair. Straighten coarse and very curly hair at 350 to 400 degrees.

Hair split end repair

Straighten the hair in 1-inch sections to keep the hair smooth. Glide the iron over the hair evenly to help split end repair.

What causes split ends?

Flat irons with ceramic panels conduct and distribute heat evenly as you straighten your hair. A flat iron that allows you to adjust the heat setting allow you to adapt the process to your hair type.
Sleep on a silk pillowcase to reduce the knot ends.
Limit chemically based hair treatments; these can dry out the hair, contributing to split ends.
Vary your hair style often, opting for styles that let you avoid daily hair straightening.

How to get rid of split ends?

Using the right hair care and hair styling tools will help you to get rid of split ends. Switch to a conditioner and shampoo formulated for dry hair. Shampoos made for dry hair hydrate hair more than regular shampoo which may make hair ends look frayed and frizzy.

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Best Hair Serum for split ends

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Best Shampoo for split ends

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Best Conditioner for split ends

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Best Hair Dryers that prevent split ends

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Best Flat Irons that prevent split ends

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Now you know how to remove and prevent split ends.