50x Apple & Grape Stem Cells Age Defying Concentrate- 1.0 oz

50x Apple & Grape Stem Cells Age Defying Concentrate- 1.0 oz

Prédiré Paris


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Renew and Rejuvenate your skin with the Predire Paris Vitamin 50x Stem Cell Age Defying Concentrate, for a glowing and more radiant complexion! Formulated with an organic blend of Vitamins, Retinol, & Collagen combined with the properties of resurgent stems cells from grape and apple, our boosting formula minimizes and protects against the appearance of fine lines, dark spots, & wrinkles.

Helping to enhance cellular turnover, this concentrated formula is designed to begin working as soon as applied so you can enjoy the results of fresher and younger looking skin. Also protecting against the harmful effects of UV stress, responsible for a high percentage of skin aging, our added ingredients of Apple and Grape Stem Cell extract provides additional nutrients that allow the skin to revitalize and rejuvenate. A concentrated organic blend that helps to diminish the appearance of aging and damaged skin!


•Fights the Signs of Aging
•Cell Renewing

For enhanced absorption and maximum results apply with the Infinity Element Ultrasonic LED Skin Care Essential!

The Future of Younger Skin!