Age-Defying Apple & Grape Stem Cell Chest & Neck Cream 10 GM - Secret Collagen

Age-Defying Apple & Grape Stem Cell Chest & Neck Cream 10 GM

Secret Collagen


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A revolution in skin care, Secret Collagen is formulated for a variety of skin types. With the belief that beauty is for everyone, our customized fusion of restoring organic elements and the anti-age fighting ingredients of Retinol and Collagen, is designed to encourage intensive cell rejuvenation, reduce dark spots, help to minimize problematic blackheads, and provide the needed skin care regime that will help to protect and repair your skin from the signs of aging.

Working on a molecular level, Our BIO ORGANICA” COLLAGEN & RETINOL formulas assist the skin cell retinoid receptors that regulate certain skin functions. Improving skin texture and speeding up skin cell rejuvenation, which slows down as we age, Secret Collagen works to combat and assist in repairing damage, leaving your skin healthier and younger looking.

Age-Defying Apple & Grape Stem Cell Chest & Neck Cream

A youthful and fresh appearance starts with the overall appearance of the skin.  When it comes to the chest and the neck area, the skin is both thin and often subjected to the elements.  This part of the body ages quickly and more visibly, and needs some extra care to stay firm and retain elasticity.  Our  Age-Defy-ing Chest and Neck Cream helps to firm and lift both the chest and neck area.  A Bio-Organic fusion of restoring ingredients combined with age-defying stem cells.  Helping to combat fine fine lines and wrinkles and promote firmness for younger and healthier looking skin.  

•Combats Fine Lines & Wrinkles
•Improves Elasticity


Cleanse the neck and chest area. Apply a nickel-sized amount of our Age-Defying Chest and Neck Cream in gentle, upward strokes. Massage cream in until completely absorbed.