Ceramic Wand Hair Curler LCD Electric Professional Fashion Roller Curling Iron (US 32mm)


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  • Fast, saving, convenient, To provide you with excellent shape hair style experience, Concise and delicate, Shiny and elegant long hair is the beginning of a day good mood.
  • Head adopts thermal conductive .materials, even if the contact with the skin will not get burnt. To ensure the safety of your body. Intelligent temperature control system, at your fingertips.
  • Heat insulation bracket to prevent heating process, the curling iron direct contact with the surface For your security escort. Tail all-around and free rotation. non-slip handle, feel fit, safety non-slip 360 degree safe bearing rotation, solve the problem because of the power cord hinder the Operation more convenient range is bigger.
  • Specially designed for carrying around, anytime,anywhere, Shape your fair appearance.
  • Package Included: 1 x Hair Curler.