Papaya Skin Brightening Herbal Soap

Papaya Skin Brightening Herbal Soap

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Earning the nickname, “Fruit of the Angels”, Papaya is an amazing fruit, bursting with vitamins and healing properties. Helping to remove dead skin cells, hydrated, even skin tone, and exfoliates, to reduce the signs of aging. Our Skin Brightening Herbal Soap, combines the wonderful properties of Papaya and Argan Oil, leaving your skin moisturized, protected, and energized, providing powerful rejuvenation of the skin.


  • Moisturizing
  • Provides Protection
  • Rejuvenating 
  • Hydrating  


Wet desired skin area. Massage soap into hands until a nice creamy foam has been formed. Set the bar of soap down and continue to rub your hands together. Then apply the foam to desired skin area and leave on for about two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and pat dry.