Pili Ani Beauty Elixir Facial Milk Serum for All Skin Types

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Because Your Skin Deserves Nothing Less Than Perfect Facial Serum. Aptly referred to as “the chosen tree,” the pili tree is uniquely grown in the vast verdant regions of Bicol in the Philippines. While the natives have been harvesting and enjoying the trees’ nuts for many decades now, the pili tree oils stayed untapped until a stalwart advocate of organic agriculture discovered its numerous uses. 

Today, the remarkable product line of Pili Ani continues to showcase the elemi and pili oils and its abundance of natural antioxidants, essential oil nutrients, and all-organic compounds that provides every skin type the nourishment it needs for a healthy beautiful glow without having to worry about any side effects. 

For All the Love and Care Your Skin Deserves 

Like all the other skincare products from the remarkable product line of Pili Ani, the Intense Hydrating Facial Oil is a groundbreaking formula that carries the brand’s features of organic beauty, superior skin protection, and optimal skin care. 

Processed through Pili Ani’s proprietary state-of-the-art pili pulp oil extraction technique, this premium facial oil from “the chosen tree” is your perfect choice for the ultimate skin moisturizing and replenishing while protecting it from all external impurities. It should be part of your skin’s daily essentials if you want to keep your skin looking radiant and feeling healthy every day. 

All-Nature Skin Care 

Aptly named intense moisturizing facial oil, this Pili Ani innovation is made with nothing less than 99.9% natural organic multi-action fusion of pili and elemi oil from the pili tree. 

Intense Hydration 

Suitably tagged as intensely hydrating, this revolutionary facial oil boasts of a unique infusion of natural antioxidants, skin vitamins, and other essential compounds that ensures total skin moisturization


About the product
  • ULTIMATE ESSENTIAL BEAUTY FACIAL SERUM FOR THE FACE. Indulge your skin with nothing less than the purest nourishing serum with this natural milk facial at home for glowing skin with its exquisite moisturizing properties that reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a youthful appearance of beautiful, soft, and supple-looking skin
  • PREMIUM SOLUTION FOR INSTANT ELIXIR REPAIR CREAM. Experience ultimate skin repair and revitalizing with Pili Ani’s “beauty vitamin” and its elemi and pili nut oils content properties that provide robust protection from UV radiation and sun damage as it boosts collagen production for outstanding and instant elixir repair results
  • ALL-NATURAL FACIAL MILK AND AND ACTIVE ELIXIR SERUM. Enjoy the luxuriously soft and healthy feel of your skin with this powerful blend of pili and elemi oil, Korean akebia quinata fruit extracts, and naturally patented oats that altogether ensures maximum hydrating, revitalizing, whitening, and nourishing benefits all in one liquid elixir serum foundation
  • OPTIMAL FACIAL BEAUTY SERUM BENEFITS. Nourish your skin with premium skin essentials of pili and elemi oils uniquely extracted from “the chosen tree” encapsulating essential nutrients, antioxidant compounds, and all-organic oil extracts to provide nourishment, regularize replenishment, prevent damage and irritation, and boost revitalization.
  • RECOMMENDED BY SKIN CARE EXPERTS AND PROFESSIONALS. Take pride in pampering your facial skin with the best elixir serum and facial treatment essence of precision-extracted pili nut essential oils, harnessing the pure power of concentrated skin superfoods that feed your skin, retain moisture, and protect it it without leaving any harmful residue