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Symforce MicroAlgae Hair Care Technology

Symforce MicroAlgae Hair Care Technology.

Symforce MicroAlgae is a revolution in hair density, thickness, color protection, and renewable natural hair care. Salon Professional Hair Care introducing our Blue Biotechnology patent pending technology Symforce MicroAlgae: Thicker, Fuller Hair; Protect Hair Color; Hair Loss Prevention; Stimulates the scalp; Balances Moisture; Adds Volume & Body; Restores Elasticity; Eliminates Frizz; Prevents Split Ends; UVA/UVB Protectants. Thinning hair and hair growth disorders are a widespread global issue that can affect both sexes at any age. SymHair™ Force 1631 provides thicker and more voluminous hair with a clinically proven efficacy. According to the subject’s evaluation, SymHair™ Force 1631 fortifies hair and improves hair density.

The most important shampoo ingredient!

It is a natural extract from microalgae. It prevents hair loss, improves volume, and makes hair stronger, healthier, and more vital. After using this product, hair is visibly thicker and more luscious.

SymHair™ Force 1631 is a natural hair loss prevention ingredient from sustainable microalgae. It has won the In-Cosmetics Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award, the SymHair™ Force 1631 is made by Symrise. Symrise is a global supplier that produces fragrances and cosmetic ingredients for the Personal Care and Cosmetics industry. This company provides an extensive range of raw materials that are widely used in perfumes, shower and bathing products, skin and hair care, and deodorants.

Labs evaluation:

Very good tolerance after 14 weeks to notice healthier hair and great results. Gain of self-esteem and self-confidence usually associated with healthy full hair.


  • prevents thinning and loss, strengthens and thickens hair and is clinically shown to increase hair density;
  • prevents hair loss;
  • thicker and more luscious hair;
  • improves volume;
  • stronger, healthier more vital hair;
  • 10% increase of anagen hair;
  • 11% decrease of telogen hair.


Promise Salon Professional products are at the forefront of modern technology with its introduction of Symforce Microalgae. It is an astounding breakthrough in both hair strength and natural hair loss prevention. It is through our unique synergistic blend that we are able to provide multiple benefits to the hair and scalp through only one remarkable shampoo, conditioner, Intensive Treatment and serum. All formulas are paraben free, vegan free, gluten free, color safe, sulfate free and animal friendly. All formulas will Inspire your hair!

Experience the most effective and easy 3-step hair care system with real salon results for growing, maintaining and strengthening any hair type! Uniqkka salon professional hair care products are at the forefront of modern technology with the introduction of Symforce Microalgae, the latest super-ingredient (think superfood for your hair!).

Easy 3-step process for treating hair with split ends, needing a boost for hair growth and fullness, and hydrating dry, brittle hair. Breakthrough hair growth formula with Symforce MicroAlgae Technology. Read more about Shampoo for Damaged Hair.

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