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Titanium vs. Ceramic Flat Irons vs. Ionic Flat Irons

Titanium vs. Ceramic Flat Irons vs. Ionic Flat Irons

All professional hair straighteners are defined by its technology, and most flat irons on the market are either titanium or ceramic. Titanium hair straighteners have very smooth surfaces and project a constant heat that helps to cut straightening time by more than 50%. They are also generally come in a smaller width and tend to be more expensive than other types of hair straighteners. Because of their smooth plate surfaces and high heats, titanium hair straighteners work best on thick, coarse or curly hair. Ceramic hair straighteners and ionic hair straighteners are not as expensive as titanium hair straighteners, but they also work well for particular hair types. Ceramic and ionic hair straighteners are typically made with ceramic plates that emit less heat. Work to give normal, medium, wavy and fine hair a smooth look in addition to improved shine.

Titanium Flat Ions vs. Ceramic Flat Irons

Flat irons that use ceramic and tourmaline or titanium technology provide an ultra-smooth glide with high resistance to product build-up. Titanium has made its way into all kinds of tools, and the hair industry is no different. Because of its characteristics, titanium is used in many heavy-duty irons, which you need if you have very thick and curly hair. It also transfers heat the quickest of any plate material, so results are often more immediate.

Hair straighteners are often equipped with titanium or ceramic heating elements that are sturdier and more reliable. Allowing the titanium or ceramic plates of professional hair straighteners and hair flat iron to heat quickly. Allows hair to be pressed through the titanium vs. ceramic flat irons plates only once to get the results that you desire. If you have an inexpensive model, you may find yourself repeatedly applying tongs to your tresses without much luck. Your hair should run through the plates easily, without snagging or tearing, without leaving a small pile of broken-off follicles on vanity top.

Some of the features to look for

Top quality plates, variable temperature settings that maintain consistent temperatures, longer warranties, negative ion generation, professional swivel cords with hang up hooks, and dual voltage.

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Now you know how to have beautiful, straight, soft and damage-free hair.

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